DWG # 0053

The Architectural Review _ DWG201017_b “Out There” Series
Very honored to be just published on The Architectural Review - Folio: a selection of works from all over the world, dedicated to Drawing Architecture research.
This work is part of the "Out There" Series and, more widely,  of a speculative personal research dedicated to find new meanings and paths about the act of drawing in the current Post-Digital Revolution era.
Looking for a dialogue between unconscious hand drawing and hyper-rational software calculation.
The publication follows previous ones from the past years: Many thanks to The Architectural Review for their interest in my work. 

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DWG # 0052

DWG170718 - "Mapping Paths" series
"When we are at the beginning of a journey we, like Odysseus,  contemplate a concept that does not yet exist. Absence and loss precede the appearance of an abstract driving force. (...) The journey from the abstract to the concrete is a metamorphosis from a poetic idea with an exploratory diagram, a coherent purpose to form."
- Steven Holl

DWG # 0049

DWG300518_b - Architettonica, "Out there" Series

As a primary means of expression, the oldest one, the act of drawing gives shape to an idea or personal mood; it is a doorway to reality.
As a primary tool of expression of language, like words, it implies a continuous evolution as well.
Basically related to the "irrational" as a language opposed/in-dialogue with that sort of hyper-rationality of the cad process, the free-hand automatic drawing allows to work on the geometrical not-rational.. 
Looking for a dialogue between these two powerful tools.

DWG # 0046

DWG15102017_b - "Out There" Series

DWG15102017_c - "Out There" Series | with Giacomo Sanna

DWG # 0044

Rothko Session #4

"I definitely think drawing has beneficial qualities for any creative, and unfortunately it seems to have become a vanishing skill. Drawing is all about thoughtful observation, you have to sit still and absorb everything around you. Painting architecture for example, you have to sit their and soak in all the lines, as well as the culture surrounding the building to discover how it sits in its environment. (...) Le Corbusier devoted half of every day over a 45 year period to writing, painting and drawing, and later this helped him power the design of the Modulor system, a ‘harmonious’ scale of proportions that he devised in 1946."